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«Internationalist Papers»


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«Internationalist Papers» 1
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To the Reader: Resuming Our International Press
Marxism and Russia
The Myth of "Socialist Planning" in Russia
What Distinguishes Our Party

Back to Basics: Fundamental Theses of the Party (1951)

«Internationalist Papers» 2
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To the Reader: A Year After
The International Communist Party

Capitalism Is War

The Fall of the House of Stalin (1)

Back to Basics: Three Documents on the Relationship Between Party and Class

Party Interventions

Our Press

«Internationalist Papers» 3
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To the Reader: Harsh Realities and Deceitful Mirages
The International Communist Party

The Abolition of Wage Labour means the Abolition of Production for the Sake of Production

The Fall of the House of Stalin (2)

Back to Basics:
Proletarian Dictatorship and Class Party
Party Life

Our Press

«Internationalist Papers» 4
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To the Reader: Contracts for America - And the World
Unemployment, Capitalism's Insoluble Problem

Where We Come From. A Brief Chronology
The Fall of the House of Stalin (3)

Africa: The Clash Between French and American Capital

Chechnya: Another Medal for Imperialism

Back to Basics:
The Democratic Principle
Party Life

Our Press

«Internationalist Papers» 5
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To the Reader: Unemployment and Elections
Our Name Is Our Program

Social Struggles in France

Report from the U.S.: The Maturing of the Market Economy

Former Yugoslavia: A Capitalist, Not an Ethnic, War
The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal: Class Solidarity for All Class Prisoners

Back to Basics: Force, Violence, and Dictatorship in the Class Struggle (Part I)

Our Press

«Internationalist Papers» 6
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To the Reader: On Some Fin-de-Siècle Myths
The Loneliness of the Working Class, Today
A Eulogy to Patience
From The U.S.: The Market Economy and the Travail of Labor
From the U.K.: The Historical Path of British Labourism
Total and Unconditional Solidarity with Immigrants of Whatever Status
Documents: Appeal to the Workers of Europe, America and Japan (Baku, 1920)
The Boar in History, or how the USSR was dissolved
Back to Basics: Force, Violence and Dictatorship in the Class Struggle (Part II)
Party Life: Leaflet: Korea is the world!

Our Press

«Internationalist Papers» 7
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To the reader - Capitalism And recession
Amidst the storms Of Worldwide Capital
"Globalization" - The Mole Is At Work
A Continuity Made Up Of Theory, History, And Memory
USA: The "State Of The Union"; Or, Waiting For The Second Shoe To Drop
GB: The Historical Path Of British Labourism
After the horrendous Massacre In Chiapas
Back To Basic: Force, Violence, And Dictatorship in the Class Struggle (Part III)
Supplemento en español:
Un texto de nuestra corriente:
El curso a seguir

«Internationalist Papers» 8
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To the reader - Party and Class today (while the new imperialist war is raging)
The war in Serbia
Economic Crisis and Marxist science
Invariance of Socialdemocrazy, invariance of Marxism
The mole keeps on digging
US News: How the other half lives, 1999-2000
The kurdish question
Back To Basic: Force, Violence and Dictatorship in the Class Struggle (Part IV)
Party Life
Supplemento en español:
Activismo (1952)
Reformismo y socialismo (1950)
Las dos caras de la revolucion cubana (1961)

«Internationalist Papers» 9

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What is the International Communist Party: A Presentation

«Internationalist Papers» 10

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To the Reader: 1921-2001 - A continuity of doctrine, program, and organisation
«Globalisation» and Proletarian Internationalism
Against all democratic illusions
The Palestinian question and the international workers' movement
The course of capitalism: USA
Where we come from: a brief chronology
The labouratory of counterrevolution:
A brief history of stalinism in Italy (and elsewhere)
Gramscism: An age-long bane of communism
Back to the basics: the 1921 Livorno program
Supplemento en español:
La Asamblea Constituyente en Venezuela...
Dos textos de nuestra corriente:

Movimiento obrero e Internacionales sindacales
El cadáver todavía camina
Programa del Partido Comunista Internacional
De dónde venimos

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