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Communist Program No. 1
October 1975

Once again on crisis and revolution
The course of world imperialism
Force, violence and dictatorship in the class struggle (I)
The cycle of the «awakening of Asia» is closed only to reopen again on a higher level
The bitter fruits of thirty years of democratic peace and capitalist prosperity

Communist Program No. 2
March 1976
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Party and class:
Theses on the role of the Communist Party in the proletarian revolution adopted by the second congress of the Communist International (1920)
Party and class (1921)
Party and class action (1921)
Proletarian dictatorship and class party (1951)

Communist Program No. 3
May 1977
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China: The bourgeois revolution has been accomplished, the proletarian revolution remains to be done
Marxism and Russia
Force, violence and dictatorship in the class struggle (II)
Angola: from the victory of the independence movement to bourgeois normalization
A true solidarity with Lebanon and South Africa
The exploits of university Marxism (Concerning the works of Mr. Baran and Mr.Sweezy)
Party Interventions: Italy, Algeria

Communist Program No. 4
April 1978
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Once again the alternative: war or revolution
The myth of socialist planning in Russia
Force, violence and dictatorship in the class struggle (III)
Terrorism and communism: on the events in Germany:
In Germany, a Holy Alliance against terrorism
Leaflets distributed by our party
Today the revolt of Baader, tomorrow the revolt of the working class
In memory of Andreas Baader and his comrades
What distinguishes our party
Book review: Proletarian order

Communist Program No. 5
June 1979
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Terrorism and the difficult road to a general revival of the class struggle (I)
Introduction & Theses of the Communist Abstentionist Faction of the Italian Socialist Party (May 1920)
Force, violence and dictatorship in the class struggle (IV)
The evolution of inter-imperialist relations since the second World War
Iran - the legacy of the shah: capitalist transformation forced from above
Party interventions: May Day - Socialism is international and internationalist or it is not socialism

Communist Program No. 6
September 1980
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The Era of wars and revolution
Terrorism and the difficult road to a general resurgence of the class struggle (II)
Fundamental theses of the Party:
• Introduction
Fundamental theses of the Party
The abolition of wage labour means the abolition of production for the sake of production
Nicaragua: The sorry path of Sandinism

Communist Program No.7
September 1981
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The class struggle is more alive than ever
The Blida trial
Poland confirms: the need for organization, the need for the party
The volcano of the Middle East:
The agonizing transformation of the Palestinian peasants into proletarians
The Israel-Egypt peace treaty and the new imperialist order in the Middle East
The democratic principle
The social imperialism of the Spartacists or an obituary on a living tendency
Reinforcement of the bourgeois dictatorship in Turkey
The Chinese proletariat is awakening!

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