Left-Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder - Condemnation of the renegades to come
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The most exploited and counterfeited text for over forty years by all opportunist swines, each swine being characterised and defined by the barefaced invocation of it.

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Table of Contents: (Each chapter represents a single file)


I. The setting of the 1920 historical drama
Spring 1920
A central point: the dictatorship of the party
Correct diagnosis of «leaders» treason
The duration of dictatorship
Strategy and tactics of the International
The plan of Lenin's work

II. Russia's or mankind's history
Russian and world revolution
Let us now read Lenin:
Characteristics of all revolutions
What Russia taught
The dictatorship and the philistines
The slander is always the same

III. The cornerstones of bolshevism: centralisation and discipline
Universal conditions
Dictatorship is a war
Solidarity of bourgeoisies
The social danger
History of bolshevism
Theory, primary base of the party
The rising of revolutionary theory
Theory and action
The construction of Lenin
Tactics and history
«Last words» from the West
The Left in Italy

IV. Historical run (condensed in the time) of bolshevism
The revolutionary formation
Preparation and first revolution
The first «test»
Political organs of the revolution
Form and content
The «easy manoeuvring»
The April Conference
Nature of opportunism
Resumption and recapitulation

V. Struggling against the two antibolshevik movements: reformism and anarchism
The insults to October
Russia and the rest of Europe

VI. Key to the alleged «authorisation to compromises» of Lenin
Theory and historical experience
People, masses, class, party
Flexibility or rigidity?
Political revolution, social evolution

VII. Appendix on the Italian issues
Subject of the present final note
From bourgeois unity to the first war
The war of 1914
The 1919 congress and the elections
Reality of the Italian post-war period
Unity or split?
The Ordine Nuovo immediatism


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Source: «The texts of the Communist Left», Nr.4, «Editions of the 'International Communist Party'»

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