No to the imperialist action in Yugoslavia! Down with all nationalisms and all bourgeois oppressions!
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No to the imperialist action in Yugoslavia! Down with all nationalisms and all bourgeois oppressions!

No to the imperialist action in Yugoslavia!
Down with all nationalisms and all bourgeois oppressions!
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Workers, comrades!

The military action perpetrated against Yugoslavia by the countries members of the Atlantic Alliance and led by the United States, is nothing but a typical bourgeois war for a new imperialist sharing of the world.

With their war against Yugoslavia, the United States, Germany, UK, France, Italy, etc. - economically the most powerful countries of the world and politically the most «democratic», the most respectful of the «Human Rights» and the «International Law» - demonstrate that they actually are the most aggressive when somewhere on earth a state or local power refuses to submit to their «higher interests».

As a matter of fact, American Democrats, French, English, German and Italian Social-democrats (and their leftist and green junior partners) didn't care much of the fate of the Kosovars, as they didn't care of the fate of the Kurds, Palestinians, Bosnians or Tutsis. Their government only act of fear that the disturbances - continually created everywhere by the capitalist system - may hurt the national (capitalist) interest or have harmful consequences on the rearrangement of political, economic, military influences that for years the greatest imperialisms are maturing.

Neither pressures and warnings to Turkey, nor the war against Iraq stopped the repression and slaughter of Kurds, neither pressures nor warnings to Israel stopped repression and slaughter of Palestinians. Yesterday, UNO's missions, «Task Forces» and embargoes were unable to prevent the wars between the States born from the breaking of the old Yugoslavia. Today the military action of the western bourgeoisie against the rump Yugoslavia, the bombing of Belgrade and Pristina, will not prevent the «ethnic cleansing» of the Kosovars.

UNO's, NGO's («Non Governmental Organisations»), pacifist or humanitarian aid missions, in spite of all their declarations and announcements, never stopped the repression of the ruling class everywhere against workers, impoverished masses or ethnic minorities; sometimes they even paved the way to more dreadful repressions and slaughters. There are plenty of facts who demonstrate the illusory nature of humanitarian aid and pacifism.

It's not the good intentions or the better feelings, but relation of forces which prevail under capitalism, especially when material interests are competing. When the interests of capitalist States are at stake, at a certain point the commercial, financial and political conflicts are bound to change into war. In the same way, when class interests are clashing and when the proletarian fightback is growing ever stronger, the class fight must change into revolutionary struggle.

The military action of the great western powers against Yugoslavia is the continuation of the imperialist politics, which yesterday was made by the «pacific» means of the diplomacy, «dialogue» and «negotiation» - i.e. by a combination of pressure, blackmail, threats and all kind of rewards (territorial winnings, commercial prospects, bribery, etc.).

The American brigands forced the hand of their European accomplices in international robbery («allies» for now, but for how long will it last?) in order to demonstrate that the chief is in Washington. Consequently Berlin, London, Paris, Rome and with them Madrid, Ottawa and Amsterdam rushed into the war... to make peace! All of them are rushing to bomb again and again the «military targets» in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo - causing unavoidable civilian victims with their so-called «surgical strikes» - ... to stop the killings in Kosovo and to «force Milosevic» to agree with a «peace plan» concocted by great powers!

China and Russia indeed protested, but it's only because they are let aside or because Serbia is their protégé: Chechens and Tibetans know very well how they use to deal with recalcitrant countries or disobedient ethnic minorities...

The truth is that the «New World Order» is nothing but a continuous succession of violent actions and wars, inspired or carried out by rival capitalist States which have very definite political, economical and military interests to defend or to impose, and which need also to keep themselves prepared for future military actions. Today, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, of the Soviet military and economic might, only the United States are able to intervene all over the world. But it's of paramount importance for them to get their allies involved into the military actions against Iraq or Yugoslavia, not only to portray these aggressions as democratic campaigns against «totalitarianism» and «barbarity», but also to reassert their military and political domination over their economic competitors.

50 years ago Nato was created by the United States officially to protect the Western Europe - but in fact to maintain their domination over these countries - and the USSR did the same thing in Eastern Europe: it was the time of the American and Russian condominium over Europe and the world. The «Soviet threat» disappeared years ago, but the USA doesn't think about dissolving the Alliance. On the contrary, not only they enlarge it with the entry of countries of the ex-Soviet bloc, but NATO is now promoted super-cop of Europe! The aim is to prevent the forming of an independent military power of the European capitalists, and to repress every one who doesn't submit to the imperialist order.

Workers, comrades!

Class-conscious workers must not stay inert and indifferent in front of the oppression that the ruling classes inflict to the impoverished masses or the national minorities. They must fight against all forms of oppression, they must raise their voice against the bourgeoisie without awaiting for the thundering of the bombs and the rattle of the machine-guns.

The only realistic and efficient way to stop the oppression, the repression, the slaughters and wars perpetrated by the bourgeois powers inside and outside the national borders to sustain and strengthen their domination, is the proletarian and anti-capitalist class struggle.

The class struggle waged in a completely independent way, i.e. outside the politics, the methods and the organisations of the collaboration between the classes, is the politics of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie and first of all against «his own» bourgeoisie. To fight against wars and police actions of «his own» bourgeois State doesn't mean to express any solidarity with other bourgeois States or other bourgeois factions, with «anti-imperialist» or «democratic» States, with «humanitarian» bourgeoisies against «barbaric» and «totalitarian» ones, etc. ... On the contrary it means to break all links with any bourgeois faction, it means to reject the belief in Democracy - which is nothing else than the political form of the collaboration between the classes - and its national and international institutions (Parliament, UNO, etc.). At last it means for the workers to organise and use their strength for the sole defence of their economic, social and political class interests, inside and outside the factories, inside the national borders and on the international scale.

Class-conscious workers never sustain any military action of imperialist countries, even with the pretext of humanitarian (!) and pacific (!) aims. It's for the same reason that they opposed all the recent military actions -in Lebanon, Iraq, Africa, Yugoslavia - and yesterday, the colonial and imperialist world wars: because all these actions and wars were only waged for bourgeois interests. Our position is clear: yes to revolutionary defeatism, no to the class-collaborationist politics, no to national union, struggle against all the alliances of bourgeois powers, against all military and police actions of the ruling class, even democratically voted in the Parliament.

Therefore we invite the workers to denounce and to fight without any hesitation the current NATO's military operations in Yugoslavia. But without any sustain to Yugoslavia, to its State and to its regime which, undoubtedly weak and underdeveloped, are nevertheless as bourgeois and reactionary as the NATO's aggressors.

The European and American workers must be by the side of the workers of Yugoslavia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Vojvodine, Montenegro. They must be by the side of the workers of all countries, whatever their nationality, or their ethnic origin, because it's only by overcoming the national and ethnic divisions that the proletariat will be able to exist and assert himself as one international class, able to break the infernal circle of oppression, repression, ethnic cleansing and war. By overcoming all the barriers of nationality, race and religion, the workers will get the possibility to fight against the capitalist system of wage labour, against the system of profit, of market, of private property, against the system of the war of all against all. But to stay submitted to the nationalist and democratic poison, to stay prisoner of the interclassist politics, means on the contrary to have his hands tied to the bourgeoisie and to its State, to be condemned to become mere cannon fodder.

AGAINST THE MILITARY ACTION OF WESTERN IMPERIALISM IN YUGOSLAVIA, because we opposed all the bourgeois wars and all the warring bourgeoisies.

AGAINST THE PARTICIPATION OF OUR COUNTRY TO MILITARY ACTIONS IN YUGOSLAVIA OR ELSEWHERE, because the working class cannot accept any complicity with the ruling class and its State.

AGAINST THE ANTI-ALBANIAN REPRESSION IN KOSOVO, because we fight against all forms of racism and nationalist repression.

AGAINST ALL FORM OF NATIONALISM, WHATEVER YUGOSLAV, SERBIAN, KOSOVAR, MONTENEGRIAN, ETC. OR AMERICAN, BRITISH, FRENCH, etc., because the nationalism divides the working class and benefits only to the bourgeoisie and the capitalism.


AGAINST ALL DEMOCRATIC, PARLIAMENTARIST, PACIFIST, HUMANITARIAN ILLUSIONS, because they paralyse the working class and they submit it to the bourgeois order!

FOR THE CLASSIST REORGANIZATION OF THE WORKING CLASS, OVER THE NATIONAL DIVISIONS, because it's only with the unification in one international class that the workers in the whole world will be able to crush the capitalism.


FOR THE FORMATION OF WORLD COMMUNIST PARTY, leading organ of the struggles of the working class in all countries, in the daily defence against exploitation and oppression as in the revolutionary fight, in the overthrow of the capitalist States and the establishment of the international dictatorship of the proletariat!

International Communist Party 03/26/1999

Source: Supplement to «le prolétaire» N° 448, Fév.-Mars-Avril 1999

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