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Terrorism - Antiterrorism: Makeshifts to force the proletariat into the Third imperialist War

Terrorism - Antiterrorism: Makeshifts to force the proletariat into the Third imperialist War
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Maybe the identity of both the instigators and the martyrs of the suicide New York attack, that nobody claimed and everybody condemned, will never be disclosed. It is instead quite evident the way so terrifying massacres are utilised: to avoid that the proletarians of the whole world see the cruel terms of reality.

United, the regime's loudspeakers, right and left, agree that the war being prepared, or rather, that has already begun, is between North and South of the world, between us rich and them poor. A war for our civilisation. If the First imperialist war was propagandised according to the irredentist demagogy of nationalist defense; if the Second, still imperialist, was passed off as antifascist and democratic; the Third, all the more imperialist, is mystified into a crusade between opposed religions, against quixotic as well as unbelievable and doubtful figures of bearded Saladins.

The tremendous contradictions clenching capitalism are instead at its interior, are among the rich, are overproduction crises, of too much wealth, and not certainly a feud between who own too much and who has too little. The bursting conflict is not cultural, and not even national; it is an intestine strife, between the modern classes of the most modern countries: bourgeoisie and proletariat. The world is not divided between rich and poor countries; it is divided between international propertied bourgeois class and international dispossessed working class, fighting a mortal conflict both in the North and in the South.

The often terrible pains of subjected peoples, such as the palestinians and hundreds of others, are the consequence of a clash between their imperial protectors, are wars by proxy. Palestinian and jewish proletarians are forced to kill each other by a game that goes far beyond those few kilometres of stony ground (of which they are prisoners, as many would flee from there if only they could), a game that drives them into misery, terror, division and hatred, and of which the arab, palestinian and jewish bourgeoisies are accomplices; but the threads are held in Wall Street, London, Paris, Rome, Ryadh, etc.

The grave economic crisis - the worst since 1960, according to statistics - gripping also the american capitalist leading country, with ensuing stock exchange crashes, pushes with increasing force the states towards a confrontation. Tensions and conflicts of irreconcilable interests grow relentlessly, in a power game among Europe, Japan, United States; within the cowardly european bourgeoisie, about to adopt a single currency; between europeans, japanese and americans, and the colossal asian emerging imperialisms. But it is war that lies hidden under diplomatic hypocrisies, millitary alliances and solidarity statements.

To this crisis, and to this inter-imperialist conflict, which for too long time has been constrained in the boundaries of commercial disputes, capitalism must at a given moment give a military outcome. The moment comes when small wars, local or by proxy, are no longer sufficient. They serve to prepare, to trigger, the wars between the big boys. As the general war will be between imperialisms, between the top imperialisms, like the First and the Second; as it will be the time of the direct confrontation. The proletariat must not expect to see in it the safeguard of his miserable, non-existent privileges as citizen of the North; it can only lose, as the past experience of two terrible wars and of two not less terrible post-war periods should have taught him.

Armaments industries put pressure for the war, while social tensions may arise. The war solves all, cancelling the accounts of fraudulent bankruptcies. The young americans enrolling in these days are not patriots, but rather unemployed. Whoever hijacked the Boeings, the moment chosen was the right one, as were the targets, a military symbol-building, and buildings full of workers, suited to recompact the opposed classes of the american society as, it appears, is actually happening. In the absence of his party the class, we know, is just a toy in the hands of bourgeois sorcerers and of the reviving, imbecile warmongering rhetoric.

Militarism is the true face of capitalism, and this is particularly true for capitalist democracies. Also in Italy all have leaped to attention at the order from above, everybody, parties, journalists, corrupt trade unions. The war is there, they say, we must reply. Against whom, you'll be told later, but what is certain is that soon you proletarians will have to fight it!

To the bourgeois war, which is above all against the working class and against communism, the communist party opposes the principle of international workers' solidarity.

To stop the war, neither curses or pressures of public opinions are sufficient; what it takes is the resolute force of the working class. It takes an extended and fighting class organisation. And it is necessary a communist party that leads it, as only a victorious anti-capitalist rising of the proletariat can avoid a new bloody triumph, and further survival, of our historical enemy.

Source: «Communist Left», September 2001

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