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Indice Generale «Il Programma Comunista» 1952 (n.01) - 1973 (n.21) complete in one single file (expanded: 636 KB) [FTP-Download]
75 StuffIt -
ILCL-Reconverter 1.8.0 (An application to turn our HTML-pages into styled Text (TexEdit 2.5.6 or higher and AppleScript is needed to be installed) [FTP-Download] 44 StuffIt - - -
L'A.B.C. del Comunismo (N.Bucharin, Preobragenski) (1919) pdf-file (for Acrobat Reader) [HTTP-Download] 576 KB .zip
«Struttura economico e sociale della Russia d'oggi» (complete text) pdf-file (for Acrobat Reader) [HTTP-Download] 1,9 MB .zip

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